Building Brand Love Through Animation

Entrant Company: BudsFeed

Medium: Film/Video Craft | Category: Animation

City / Country: Brooklyn / United States of America | Year: 2020

BudsFeed: Building Brand Love Through Animation

Chief Executive Officer: Justin Johnson / BudsFeed
Creative Director: Hermes Arriola / BudsFeed
Lead Designer: Mellisa Saylors / BudsFeed
Lead Animator: Michael Luckhardt / BudsFeed
Animator: Logan Modine / BudsFeed
Animator: Kevin Hilton / BudsFeed
Editor: Vivian Baimuke / BudsFeed
Copywriter: Beverly Walley / BudsFeed
Director: Hasalyn Modine / BudsFeed
Director: Russell Streit / BudsFeed

This Clio Cannabis 2020 Shortlist winning entry titled 'Building Brand Love Through Animation' was entered for BudsFeed by BudsFeed. This piece was submitted to the Film/Video Craft medium within the Animation category. It consists of 1 video and 1 image.

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