Truss Beverages


Entrant Company: Rethink

Medium: Brand Design | Category: Brand Identity

City / Country: Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver / Canada | Year: 2020

Truss Beverages: Veryvell
Truss Beverages: Veryvell
Truss Beverages: Veryvell
Truss Beverages: Veryvell
Truss Beverages: Veryvell

Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman / Rethink
Chief Creative Officer: Christina Yu / Rethink
Strategist: Sean McDonald / Rethink
Producer: Todd Harrison / Rethink
Producer: Narine Artinian / Rethink
Production Coordinator: Spencer Houghton / Rethink
Editor: Alex Fleming / Rethink
Editor: Dustin Gamble / Rethink
Account Executive: Becky Rudson / Rethink
Account Executive: Marie Lunny / Rethink
Creative Director: Joel Holtby / Rethink
Creative Director: Jake Lim / Rethink
Associate Creative Director: Skye Deluz / Rethink
Associate Creative Director: Naeem Ghafari / Rethink
Art Director: Skye Deluz / Rethink
Designer: Jake Lim / Rethink
Copywriter: Naeem Ghafari / Rethink
Strategist: Julian Morgan / Rethink

This Clio Cannabis 2020 Bronze winning entry titled 'Veryvell' was entered for Truss Beverages by Rethink. This piece was submitted to the Brand Design medium within the Brand Identity category. It consists of 1 video and 5 images.

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