2022 Juror

Derek Muller

Creative Director (Wick & Mortar), Co-Founder (Tree-Rolls)

Wick & Mortar, Tree-Rolls

Derek Muller

SEATTLE, USA // Since 2014 Derek Muller has been creating content for the cannabis industry’s leading brands, including Leafly’s most viewed YouTube video to date. With a degree in Graphic Design and life-long passion for Filmmaking, Derek has mastered the skills to create brands from top to bottom, from logo design, packaging design, website and of course the promotional video content. His first cannabis venture (2014) was helping to launch the brand Jay's Pre-Rolls that was later re-branded into CBD company Tree-Rolls which is now currently selling across the country. Currently working as the Creative Director at Wick & Mortar, Derek holds the title as the first and only artist to win awards for both Design and Filmmaking in the cannabis sector. With his years of success, Derek’s ability to create world-class brands has allowed him to produce meaningful work with companies that are shaping the industry.

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