2021 Juror

Beth Waterfall

Executive Director

ELEVATE Northeast

Beth Waterfall

NORWELL, USA // Beth Waterfall is a cannabis business development strategist with a successful track record of helping brands and businesses grow via profitable product development, effective corporate communications, creative-yet-compliant marketing, and meaningful community engagement. She is also founder and executive director of ELEVATE Northeast Events and Education, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that creates education programs to help end stigma against the people who use and work with cannabis, and to foster an inclusive and compliant industry.

Beth is known for effectively breaking down doors between the nascent cannabis industry and the established business community, and for brokering some of the most impactful relationships in New England cannabis. As legalization expands in new states, Beth keeps her finger on the pulse of emerging regulations and social justice efforts, and leverages her relationships and experience to benefit her clients and the greater cannabis community. Learn more at bethwaterfall.com

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