2023 Juror

Ronit Pinto

Founder and Publisher

Honeysuckle Media

Ronit Pinto

NEW YORK, USA // Ronit Pinto is the publisher and founder of Honeysuckle Media, a Clio and social justice award-winning, female-led print and digital platform. Honeysuckle explores gender and sexuality, racial politics, plant medicine, the environment and pop culture. Ronit began Honeysuckle in Detroit - now based in New York - as a source for intellectual and personal exploration with a soul; a platform encouraging hope and individual expression in the face of challenging and extraordinary circumstances. Ronit has pioneered many initiatives in the cannabis industry, such as amplifying women's leadership, changing decades of NYC advertising policy, and being the first in history to place cannabis and hemp brands on Times Square billboards in 2018. Other milestones include spearheading the first international Indigenous cannabis collaboration and NYC's first Indigenous Peoples Day billboard campaign. A dedicated advocate, Ronit works to raise awareness of issues surrounding the incarcerated population; in 2020, she and the Honeysuckle team collaborated with nationally-renowned humanitarian activist Shawanna Vaughn to achieve compassionate release for a female inmate in California. Outside of Honeysuckle, Ronit has been published in outlets including Rolling Stone, Allure Magazine, and the Jerusalem Post. She has worked on many big-budget films under directors including Michael Bay, Jim Jarmusch, and the late Wes Craven. Currently, Ronit and team are in production on a Honeysuckle series, among other film related projects. Visit honeysucklemag.com and follow @honeysucklemagazine for more information.

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