2023 Juror

Ashaki 'Saki' Fenderson


Tainted Love BK/TLBK LLC

Ashaki 'Saki' Fenderson

NEW YORK, USA // Saki Fenderson is an award-winning speaker, cannabis educator and legacy community activist. Saki has almost 2 decades of experience in the film industry, over a decade in cannabis, and a lifetime in community activism. She has combined her social justice commitment and passion for cannabis reform with her business Tainted Love BK/TLBK LLC by providing information, resources and empowerment for individuals looking to explore the health and wellness benefits of cannabis plant-based medicine championing the ideology that “It’s A Medicine First”.

Falling back on her years in the film industry and her personal culinary talents, Saki developed an interactive, experiential cannabis education program. As part of her educational efforts, Saki hosts regular cannabis cooking classes where the comfort of the kitchen and food are tools for introducing audiences to the diversity of the plant and its myriad applications including the interconnective medical, social, and spiritual aspects.

However, education cannot exist within its own bubble. Saki has been a consistent and active advocate working with other organizations, agencies, and government officials throughout New York to expand safe and legal access to the plant for vulnerable communities.

Saki was an active member of the Start SMART NY legalization campaign and led coalition organizing efforts. She is a founding member of New York Cannabis United. Saki has been recognized with a number of recognition and appreciation from her peers including an award for her incomparable approach to cannabis education by NYC NORML.

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