2022 Juror

TJ Stouder

Co-Founder & CEO

HOLISTIK Wellness | MyHi

TJ Stouder

DENVER, USA // TJ Stouder’s path to creating emerging CBD company, HOLISTIK Wellness, was molded from the early stages of his career where he led finance and then marketing initiatives for Procter & Gamble, a hot bed for cutting one’s teeth in the skills it takes to develop, sustain and lead iconic consumer brands.

In 2017, TJ decided it was time to join/start a smaller venture taking what he’d learned from P&G about the power of brands to touch a consumer’s life to practice. Despite being a long term cannabis supporter, not sold on the stigmas around this plant, TJ didn’t foresee the industry as a real career opportunity or consumer growth category, and unlike many wasn’t particularly drawn to the ‘Green Rush’.

A challenging personal situation ultimately gave TJ clarity in his mission. Battling a condition for most of TJ’s life, his mother needed a new wellness solution versus the traditional methods she’d counted on. Having tried it all, under the care of ‘Dr’s orders’, it wasn’t working, so TJ began to work with his mother to try something more natural, cannabis, in the process, at the time, of being made legal in the form of hemp derived CBD products. Her first reaction was ‘No Way’, driven by years of stigma around the plant, but after a lot of help and guidance from her son, she found a path to CBD Wellness.

With deep experience through climbing the P&G leadership ladder combined with his devotion to the natural healing wonder within cannabis, TJ is shepherding HOLISTIK’s business as it grows from start-up to retail darling. And given the climate we’re in, it’s TJ’s goal to continue his personal mission to help champion the industry and provide a product that helps navigate current life challenges around stress/anxiety, sleeplessness and more.

Launched in late-2018, HOLISTIK is an emerging CBD brand with a mission to take the confusion out of the Wild, Wild West of CBD and to offer a convenient, portable, and effective solution for your everyday life. HOLISTIK offers an array of water-soluble CBD Wellness products in an easy-to-use Stir “STIK” that you can POP and POUR into your favorite beverage, hot or cold.

The proprietary CBD Wellness at the core of each of the STIKs, is a unique formula of broad spectrum, water soluble hemp extract, collected from greenhouse grown hemp, making it clean and trackable from seed-to-STIK. Further, Solubilizing CBD and the other natural supplements in the STIK allow the body to better identify and utilize the active ingredients, delivering faster results than oil-based products.

The five STIKs differ in the few other natural ingredients added to the STIK to help deliver the key benefits of: sleep, stress, recover, beauty, and digest (for example: sleep has melatonin and chamomile, stress - lemon balm, and beauty - collagen).

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